Jumat, 13 Maret 2009

Utilization of Fly Ash as Polypropylene Filler

Fly ash is the finally mineral residue resulting from the combustion of the char coal in electric generating plant. Fly ash consists of inorganic matters in the coal that has been fused during coal combustion. Fly ash generally consists of SiO2, Al2O3, SO3, CaO and other mineral. Fly ash particle generally are spherical in shape. Fly ash particles also have 10 - 20μm in size. Fly ash can dissolve in water so being problem for environment. Fly ash also can being problem for human health such as irritating eyes, skin, nose and inhalation and cancer (MSDS, 2005).

At this moment, some reseacher examine how fly ash become usefull for human. One of that research, made fly ash as the material filler of polypropylene. Fly ash make polypropylene more strenght than pure polypropylen as the result. It is signed that polypropylene modified by fly ash filler with 0.15% w/w in plypropylen at composition can improve their ultimate tensile strenght 12.8% higher than the pure polypropylene. Polypropylene Modificated by adding fly ash filler in, are not change its chemical resistance.

This research is being a new era for human equipment industry. You can imagine in your mind how if human equipment that is made by mineral or iron can be replaced by polymer material. It will be light in weight and also made our life easier.

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